CustomerCare Plus PLAN 2

Plan II coverage includes:

  • one (1) CEM scheduled on-site preventive maintenance visit and one (1) customer scheduled on-site preventive maintenance visit which include:
    • thorough cleaning of the instrument
    • parts verified and replaced if required
    • NIST traceable calibration(s) and certificate(s)
    • required testing to ensure complete efficiency
  • 24-hour telephone troubleshooting support
  • guaranteed thirty-six hour response time (excluding weekends and holidays) when an on-site service visit is required
  • no charge travel, labor and parts

CustomerCare Plus Plan II also offers the opportunity for representatives of your company to attend free-of-charge (travel not included) one of the seminars conducted quarterly on moisture and fat analysis instruments. These seminars are designed to educate operators and in-plant technicians about the operation, application techniques, maintenance and minor repairs of these instruments.

CEM maintains insurance coverage in compliance with applicable state and federal laws covering our employees. We automatically provide a Certificate of Insurance naming your company as Certificate Holder.

Is Plan II the right choice for you and your CEM instrument(s)?

CEM recommends Plan II for companies that operate 2 shifts, customers who perform between 51 and 250 sample tests per week, companies that operate in an extreme environment or where downtime is an extreme annoyance.