Smart Trac 2: SW6169

On Hold Date
Follow-up Date
Model Number
Serial No
SW6169 WH12
6 month

Cosmetic condition: Good

Cosmetic Definitions

  1. Excellent: In like new condition cosmetically.
  2. Good: Some minor cosmetic scratches, nic's or other imperfections may be visible.
  3. Fair: Some visible discoloration, scratches, dings or other imperfections will be visible.

Operational condition: Excellent. Passed all quality and performance checks.

This processor box is currently paired with magnet serial number SB1169 (R160640), however CEM reserves the right to replace subsystems with like-kind or better if needed.

Purchase includes:

  • R160645 Trac 2 Processor
  • 160660 Cable kit
  • R160640 Magnet, Trac 2
  • 907985 Accessory Kit
  • 160310 Line Conditioner (60 Hz) or 160315 Line COnditioner (50 Hz)
  • 118028¬†Power cord
  • 568460 Trac Station Assembly
  • 116620 Power cord (US)
  • 907965 Display Option

Available Options, Not Included

  • 901115 Communicator Complete (includes computer)
  • 568302 Bar code reader
  • 300610 RoboCoupe, 6 Liter Food Processor
  • 300620 RoboCoupe, 10 Liter Food Processor
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