Contract Programs

CEM offers various contract programs for instrument maintenance, repair and calibrations as part of our CustomerCare PLUS program. Our contract programs are annually effective and designed to extend the life of your instruments, and maintain the maximum levels of uptime. Multiple year contract options are also available.


Click here for more information on CustomerCare PLUS.


To ensure documented performance stability, CEM also offers plans under the QuickCheck MONITOR program. The MONITOR program may be purchased as s stand alone contract or as an addendum to the CustomerCare PLUS contract.


Click here for more information on QuickCheck MONITOR.


Renewing your Contract? Do it On-line!

To renew your CustomerCare Plus service contract, click the link below titled "Renew Your Contract". A copy of your renewal agreement from CEM is required to properly complete the form. You will receive notification of receipt of the renewal, either by email or telephone, within 24 business hours after it is received by CEM. If any discrepancies are noted on the form, you will be advised immediately. If you have questions or require additional information, call the Contract Administrator at (800) 726-3331 or email

Because this site is not secured, we can accept payment by purchase order only when using this renewal form. If payment by credit card is preferred, please email the renewal and credit card information to You may submit the renewal here, simply enter "Credit Card" in the purchase order slot. Your contract will be activated upon receipt of the credit card information.


Renew Your Contract